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Perth Office


knowmore’s Perth office closed at the end of 2016.  knowmore will continue to deliver services until March 2018, from our other offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Our service was established to assist people engaging with the current Royal Commission and we are scheduled to close in March 2018, following the Royal Commission delivering its final report in December 2017.


If we are still helping you

If we are still working with you we will have discussed with you who to contact and which knowmore office your file has been transferred to.  You will also have received a letter confirming these arrangements.


If we have finished helping you

If we have previously advised you that your file has been closed, below is some information about the arrangements we are putting in place for the storage of client files after our Perth office closes, and how you can access material from your file in the future, if needed.

Storage of your file

All of the closed files from our Perth office will be transferred to the knowmore office in Sydney. This office is located at 233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Your file will be safely secured at that office, and will remain readily accessible.

As we approach the closure of our service in 2018, we will need to make some more decisions about storage and access to client files in the longer term, and we will update this information.

Access to your file

If we held any of your original documents, these would have already been returned to you upon the closure of your file.

If you want to obtain copies of your client documents from your file please contact the Sydney office on 02 8267 7400.


If you need more information?

Should you have any questions about your file and the closure of our Perth office, or if you have any further questions about your engagement with the Royal Commission or related issues, you can contact the knowmore Sydney office on 02 8267 7400, or by phoning 1800 605 762 and asking to speak to a lawyer in the Sydney office.


Free Advice Line

knowmore can be
contacted by calling
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