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What knowmore does

knowmore can provide you with free legal advice and information if you are considering telling your story, providing information to, or engaging with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

knowmore is a free service providing legal advice and assistance, information and referral via a free advice line and face‑to‑face services in key locations, for people considering telling their story or providing information to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. We have specialist counsellors/social workers to support people accessing our legal services.

Examples of the types of assistance that knowmore provides include:

  • information about the Royal Commission, its legal powers and procedures, the roles of the Commissioners and others involved, rights of representation before it and the Commission’s guidelines and statements about how it intends to proceed
  • legal advice for people considering providing information to the Royal Commission about their options and what they may mean, and on a range of other legal issues including witness and informant protections, the availability of compensation or other forms of action or redress, and the effect of confidentiality agreements in past proceedings
  • linking people with specialist counselling and support services and victims’ support groups
  • preparation of statements and assistance with preparing submissions about needed reforms.

knowmore does not provide legal representation but, if needed, will assist people giving evidence in formal hearings before the Royal Commission in finding suitable lawyers for representation and in obtaining funding for that representation.

We are here to listen, and to support you to tell your story, if you decide to.