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2016 ALA Civil Justice Award

An organisation working day in and day out to provide independent, free legal advice and assistance to people who were victims of institutional child sexual abuse has been presented with the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) 2016 Civil Justice Award.


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RT @EasternCLC:A Victims of Crime system based on victims’ needs with a simpler, broader and less legal process, with trauma-infor… 
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RT @micahprojects:Congratulations to the Qld Gvt for passing legislation today to allow redress to proceed for thousands of Queenslan… 
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Positive news: Yesterday, the Queensland Parliament formally passed the Redress Scheme into law. 
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(2/2) At the same time, South Australia has removed the statute of limitations on survivors taking civil action against their abuser. 
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(1/2) We welcome the passage of legislation through SA Parliament yesterday, which formalises the Redress Scheme. T… 
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RT @cporterwa:I'd encourage any one wishing to attend the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual… 
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We welcome the announcement of the plans for a National Apology to be issued on Oct 22 by the Prime Minister. Survi… 
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The complete list of recommendations made by the Royal Commission can be found here: 
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(3/3) The RC made over 400 recommendations to improve safety for children & provide better access to justice for s… 
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(2/3) The impact of the crimes committed, and the organisations and institutions who were complicit in keeping abus… 

Australian Government funded
community-based support services

Since the announcement of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse there has been increased demand for support services. The Australian Government wants to provide support to those affected by the Royal Commission and those engaging with the National Redress Scheme, when it commences in 2018, so the Department of Social Services (DSS) is funding a range of services, including counselling, case management, advice and support.

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