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The Royal Commission

What happens now if I haven’t registered?

The Royal Commission’s recommendations


The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is inquiring into how allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse that occurred in an institutional context have been managed and responded to. It will investigate how institutions and governments can better protect children, how they can achieve best practice in reporting and responding to incidents and how to address the impact of child sexual abuse.

Institutions could include childcare, schools, religious organisations such as churches and mosques, sporting clubs, foster care or respite care centres, all of which should play an important role in helping children to grow up safe and happy.

The Royal Commission

  • has been called to turn the spotlight onto institutions: how sexual abuse happened ‘on their watch’, and whether they responded appropriately
  • will examine past and current child sexual abuse in organisations
  • will make findings and recommendations on how organisations with a responsibility for children should improve the way they manage and respond to claims of sexual abuse in the future
  • will hear directly from people – in writing, over the phone or in private informal meetings – about their experience of child sexual abuse in institutions
  • will receive evidence, including from institutions, in formal public hearings
  • is inviting people to tell their stories and provide relevant information to them
  • wants to understand what has happened to stop it happening in the future.

More information on the Royal Commission

Ways to engage with the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission has a range of ways that people can tell their stories. But you may still have questions. Our service is completely independent of the Royal Commission. We have specialist trained and experienced staff who can make sure you have all the legal information and advice you need before deciding whether to tell your story and if you do, how.

You may want to:

  • make a written account
  • talk to an officer of the Royal Commission
  • make a submission about how to change things: for example, making suggestions about how you think things can be improved to ensure people reporting child sexual abuse will be heard or the child is given the support she or he will need.

We can help you find the way that best suits you to communicate with the Royal Commission and then assist you in that process.

While we offer free legal help, we understand you might need additional support when talking about what has happened. Our team includes specialist counsellors/social workers who can support you while you are obtaining legal advice. They can also help you find ongoing support and counselling services.

It’s your decision whether to tell your story or provide information to the Commission. There are a number of options available to you – knowmore can help you navigate through the options so you can make an informed decision.

What about the NSW and VIC Inquiries?

The federal government’s Royal Commission is completely separate from the NSW Special Commission of Inquiry and the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry which have now tabled their respective reports (you can download these by clicking the links above).

Both of these inquiries will inform any final recommendations that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse makes.

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knowmore is completely seperate from and independent of the Royal Commission. Our mission is to help anyone who comes to us understand their options to engage with the Royal Commission and to choose a way to speak that feels safe for them.