About knowmore video – Auslan

DESCRIPTION: A woman is standing in front of a grey background to the righthand side of the screen. In the bottom left hand corner it says “knowmore – free legal help for surviors”

The woman starts signing in Auslan and on the left side of the screen text appears transcribing what she is signing.


knowmore is a free service providing legal advice and assistance, information and referral via a free advice line and face to face services in key locations, for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

We have specialist counsellors/social workers to support people accessing our legal services.

Examples of the types of assistance that knowmore provides include: legal advice for people about a range of legal issues, including the availability of compensation and other forms of action or redress, the effect of confidentiality agreements in past proceedings, complaints, processes and obtaining records linking people with specialist counselling and support services and victim’s support groups.

knowmore has specialist lawyers and other staff trained and experienced in providing services to survivors of child sexual abuse and people who have experienced trauma.

knowmore has staff trained and experienced in providing culturally safe services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and employs Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.

knowmore’s aim is to provide free legal advice and practical assistance in a confidential and supportive environment.

Our specialist counsellors/social workers will support you in obtaining our services.

If you require further support, we will help you to access to most appropriate services.

Please call our free advice line on: 1800 605 762

DESCRIPTION: The woman signing disappears and knowmore’s logo appears reading “knowmore – free legal help for survivors”