About Us

knowmore offers free legal advice and support to survivors of child sexual abuse. We help survivors consider their options about compensation, redress and other legal issues related to abuse.

Our staff are trained and experienced in working with people who have experienced trauma, and in providing culturally safe services.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support

We’re committed to delivering our services in ways that are culturally safe and respectful for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read about the work our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement team is doing.

Specialist trauma support

We know that talking about abuse can be difficult and may cause distress. Our team includes specialist support workers who are experienced in speaking with survivors of sexual abuse.

Confidential service

Our clients’ information is confidential and will only be shared outside of knowmore with their permission, or in exceptional circumstances where we are compelled to or authorised by law. Read more about our commitment to confidentiality and privacy.

Financial counselling

Our financial counselling team provides advice to survivors about their rights and options in receiving and protecting their National Redress Scheme payments. Read more about how our financial counselling team can help.