For Professionals

knowmore is a multidisciplinary, trauma-informed, culturally safe, person-centred legal service. We are often asked how we have implemented our practice approaches, and how we take care of our staff. We are building the For Professionals secure resource space for our community sector colleagues in response to those questions. You will find the Wellbeing and Resilience Framework for the CLC sector and accompanying resources here. Please sign up or login for access. If you have a request for training, please complete the training request form below. RegisterLogin


knowmore can help build your organisation’s knowledge and skills. We can tailor training to suit your needs. Some areas we specialise in are:
  • Understanding the National Redress Scheme
  • Assisting clients with NRS applications
  • Working well with child sexual abuse survivors in a legal setting
  • Trauma-informed practice in a legal setting
  • Culturally safe practice in a legal setting
  • Building and enhancing your organisation’s staff wellbeing and resilience approaches
  • No silos: Getting the most out of a multidisciplinary legal model
  • Responding well: How to check in on staff wellbeing and act where required
  • Understanding the financial implications of NRS payments

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    For those in the community legal sector in Australia, increased awareness of mental health and resilience for staff has run parallel to the emergence of trauma-informed practice. This awareness has in turn shone a light on longstanding issues of vicarious trauma and burnout for those in the legal sector and how these can contribute to poor mental health.

    SAFETY-TRUST-CHOICE-COLLABORATION-EMPOWERMENT (Blue Knot guidelines) are the cornerstone principles of good trauma-informed work with clients. These principles are also vital for developing good practice in supporting our people.