Helping survivors advocate for change

knowmore believes that the voices of victims and survivors should be heard and respected by those making decisions that affect their lives. This is best described by the motto “Nothing About Us Without Us”.

We believe that survivors should be able to directly participate in the development of laws, policies and practices that aim to prevent or respond to child abuse. We call this survivor-led advocacy.

Supporting survivor-led advocacy

knowmore supports survivor-led advocacy by:

  • encouraging decision-makers, including governments, parliaments and organisations, to actively consult with survivors and survivor advocacy groups
  • raising awareness among survivors about opportunities to advocate for changes to laws, policies and practices
  • developing resources for survivors that provide information about specific inquiries or consultation processes.

Supporting survivors to have their say on the National Redress Scheme

Survivors and their supporters can currently have their say on the National Redress Scheme by making a submission to the new Joint Standing Committee on Implementation of the National Redress Scheme. Find out more here.

If you are a survivor and you want to find out more about participating in a particular inquiry or consultation process, you can contact us at