Speaking out

There are a number of ways survivors may consider speaking out about child sexual abuse, but it is important to be aware of the risks

Being aware of the risks can help you make an informed choice about whether speaking out is right for you.

Some survivors of child sexual abuse choose to speak out about their experience. This can be an important part of the healing process for some people. It can also raise awareness in society.

Some survivors may decide to report child sexual abuse to the police, or to child protection authorities.

It’s important to be aware that some people are considered mandatory reporters and must report if they suspect a child is at risk of abuse.

Other survivors choose to keep their experience private. Everyone’s experience of child sexual abuse is different. It is important to make choices that are right for you when it comes to talking about your experience.

There can be legal risks when speaking out about child sexual abuse. This includes speaking out on social media – for example, making a Facebook post or tweeting about your experience of child sexual abuse.

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