For Stolen Generations survivors

We will work with you in a culturally safe and trauma-informed way

knowmore is a free and confidential legal service. We are separate from government and will keep you information private. We have an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement team who can provide cultural support.

knowmore acknowledges that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have experienced intergenerational trauma from government child removal policies. The landmark ‘Bringing them Home’ report traced the history and consequences of removal for the Stolen Generations, and made 54 recommendations to support reconciliation and healing. Our timeline shows some significant events relating to reparations for Stolen Generations survivors.

There are redress options for Stolen Generations survivors in some states and territories. It is important that you get legal advice about the options that are relevant to you.

knowmore provides free legal advice and financial counselling in relation to the Territories Stolen Generations Redress Scheme. Call us on 1800 566 966.