My client needs Financial Counselling help

The specialist financial counsellors at knowmore provide information to Redress Support Services, community Lawyers, financial counsellors, and other services assisting people applying for National Redress Scheme (NRS) payments to help their clients understand how a NRS payment may affect them. ‘Helping clients receiving a National Redress Scheme payment’ is a guide for workers to use when assisting their clients. It provides information on the implications of receiving a payment in an easy-to-read format. The guide is updated regularly to keep the information current. knowmore has also developed some fact sheets that may be useful when working with clients who are receiving a NRS payment.

knowmore financial counsellors can provide specialist information about the implications of receiving a NRS payment. If there is a specific question that you would like to ask about the implications of receiving a NRS payment on behalf of a client, please contact the knowmore financial counsellors using the form below. Please do not include any client identifying details in your query. If the client would like to contact a knowmore financial counsellor for assistance, please ask them to call 1800 605 762.

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