Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation

Link-Up (NSW) supports the healing journeys of those removed; delivering professional, culturally sensitive and confidential research, reunions and Social, Emotional and Wellbeing services to those over the age of eighteen.

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Address: Lot 4, 2 Central Place, Ropes Crossing NSW 2760

Postal address: PO Box 185, St Marys NSW 2760

Free call: 1800 624 332 (not available from mobile phones)

Phone: 02 9421 4700


NT Stolen Generations was formally incorporated in 1998 to respond directly to the needs and concerns of members of the Stolen Generations, their families and communities through the following:

  • Provide emotional support, social wellbeing services and referral service for Stolen Generations members and their families/descendants in the Top End
  • Provide inter-generational activities on special occasions as part of a healing and identity strengthening process
  • Regularly inform members regarding any National issues affecting the Stolen Generations
  • Monitor and work towards implementing the 54 Recommendations from the Bringing Them Home Report

Contact information

Address: Shop 1 Malak Shopping Centre, 16 Malak Crescent, Malak NT 0812

Postal Address: PO Box 43372, Casuarina NT 0811

Phone: (08) 8947 9171

Fax: (08) 8947 9173

The Congress Link Up Service supports Aboriginal people and families living in Central Australia who have been separated from their families through forced removal, fostering, adoption or institutionalisation.

Our services include:

  • Family history research and reunion
  • Family tracing
  • Graveside reunions
  • Social and emotional support before, during and after a reunion
  • Return to Country reunions
  • Healing activities, including healing camps, support groups and counselling.

Contact information

Address: 14 Leichhardt Terrace, Alice Springs

Phone: 08 7928 8889

Link-Up (Qld) aims to bring a sense of peace, identity and belonging to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who have been separated from their family and culture.

We provide support to reunite you with your people and country where contact has been lost due to forced removal, fostering, adoption or institutionalisation.

Contact information

Free call: 1800 200 855


Brisbane office

Address: 3-5 Reid Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Postal Address: PO Box 3229, South Brisbane, QLD 4101

Phone: 07 3638 0411

Cairns office

Address: 2/128 Spence Street, Cairns QLD 4870

Postal Address: PO Box 298, Bungalow QLD 4870

Phone: Ph: 07 4041 7403

We provide family tracing, reunion and counselling services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families who have been separated under the past policies and practices of the Australian Government. Assistance is also provided to people over the age of 18 years who have been adopted, fostered or raised in institutions.

Link-Up provides:

  • Client contact and assessment
  • Client and family support
  • Research of client files and other relevant information
  • Counselling support
  • Financially contributing to reunions according to need
  • Initial family contact and/or approach
  • Ongoing support for clients and family following reunion
  • Public awareness
  • Privacy, trust and confidentiality

Contact information

Address: 182-190 Wakefield Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Postal address: PO Box 7202, Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone: 08 8406 1600

We provide a support service to the Stolen Generations to find their family and for family to find members who are Stolen Generations. The Stolen Generations are any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander who was separated from their family, community, traditional culture and traditional country. “Separated” can mean you or a family member or members were removed under past Government Acts i.e. Native Welfare Act, Aboriginal Welfare Act, etc. At Link-Up Victoria it can also mean you or a family member were adopted, fostered, placed in an institution under other government legislation.

Our support service is confidential, sensitive and culturally responsive. We can help with:

  • Accessing records about separation from family including adoption files, records from children’s homes or other institutions
  • Researching family and cultural connections – liaising with Traditional owner groups, interstate Link-Up services, record holders all over Australia
  • Obtaining birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Tracing and locating family members
  • Initiating contact with family members
  • Guidance with family issues
  • Family research advice
  • Providing cultural advice and information
  • Reunions
  • Yarning Up (Counseling)
  • Referrals to appropriate services
  • Advocacy

Contact information

Address: 340 Bell Street, Preston VIC 3072

Free call: 1800 OUR MOB (1800 687 662)

Phone:  (03) 9287 8800

Fax: (03) 9287 8999


Yorgum helps survivors of the Stolen Generations across WA and their families affected by past governments’ removal policies, to find and reunite with their families where possible.

Yorgum provides trauma-informed and culturally appropriate community-based support for Aboriginal people who wish to engage with the National Redress Scheme.

Contact information


Address: 3 Bramall Street, East Perth WA 6004

Phone: (08) 9428 3700


Address: Lotteries House, 42 Wilson Street, Kalgoorlie WA 6430

Phone: (08) 9428 3700

South Hedland

Address: 3 Brand Street, South Hedland WA 6721

Phone: (08) 9140 4029

KSGAC provides a Link-Up Service for Indigenous people who have lost touch with their families

The Kimberley Stolen Generation Link-Up Service has been set up in Broome to serve the Kimberley region of Western Australia to:

  • Give people information about tracking down their families.
  • Find people’s families.
  • Talk to family members.
  • Help families meet up or have a reunion.
  • Support people when they meet their families.
  • Put people in touch with other services they might need, such as counselling.
  • Let families know about the harm caused by the removal of Aboriginal children from their families and about the Link-Up Service.

The Kimberley Link-Up works with people from the stolen generations: people who were removed, taken, adopted, fostered or raised in institutions. It also helps the families of children who were taken away. Once a person’s family has been found, the caseworkers will ask them if they want to have a family meeting or reunion.

Contact information

Address: 28 Barker Street, Broome WA 6725

Free call: 1800 830 338


An Aboriginal community controlled primary health care service operated by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of the ACT.

They aim is to provide a culturally safe, holistic health care service for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of the ACT and surrounding regions. The holistic health care provided by WNAHCS includes not only medical care, but a range of programs to promote good health and healthy lifestyles.

Contact information

Address: 63 Boolimba Crescent Narrabundah ACT 2604

Free call: (02) 6284 6222

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