George Pell’s appeal case begins today

Today, George’s Pell’s lawyers will be seeking permission for the Supreme Court of Victoria to consider his appeal.

This matter will be streamed live by the Court from 9:30am.

As coverage of this matter continues, we encourage everyone to take care. This article published from ABC Life, provides practical advice on managing the media coverage around this case, and others.

Further information about the appeal

The appeal hearing will be heard by a bench of three judges. In Pell’s case, the judges are Supreme Court Chief Justice Anne Ferguson, Justice Chris Maxwell, the president of the Court of Appeal and Justice Mark Weinberg.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the bench have the option of:

  • Making a decision and providing reasons for their decision on the day
  • Making a decision that they deliver on the day but reserve their reasons, which can be provided at a later date
  • Reserving their decision and reasons for a later date