knowmore COVID19 video with Amanda Whelan transcript

We wanted to send a message to all of our knowmore clients. As we all know, we are in really difficult and challenging times with the COVID-19 pandemic. What that’s meant for us as a service is that we are needing to adjust how we provide our services so that we are consistent with the government guidelines around social distancing.

We really wanted to say to each and every one of you, though, that we are 110% committed to continuing to provide you the services that we always have, and to provide them in the ways that we’ve always provided them. We are adjusting to the new arrangements; we are now a phone based service for the interim. We look forward to when those measures are lifted, and we can go back to seeing people face to face but for now, that’s how we’re going to need to do things.

You’re still going to have access not only to our legal team, but to our Aboriginal engagement team, our social working counselling team and the financial counselling teams. All of our staff are 110% committed to making sure that we continue to support you. You have every right to deserve the services that we’ve always wanted to provide to you in the way that we do. We want to make sure also that our staff stay safe, we can’t provide a service if they become unwell.

We’re going to have to make a few adjustments, you may see some variation in time-frames. If you experience any tech issues getting a hold of us, if phones drop out and things, please persevere and we will make sure that we get back to you. We’re in constant contact with the NRS and the National Redress Scheme staff are committed as well to continuing to provide the services that they need to provide to you as a group of survivors. We’re working with them closely and if anything at all changes around either the way we can provide our services or the way that they can you will be notified.

In the meantime all we want to say to you is that as we are going through this as a community, everyone is affected on some level and we acknowledge that for you as a group of people, you are particularly vulnerable to this illness and we want you to stay home and stay well. We are here for you. You can contact us at any time through our phone lines. And please do. Until then our services continue as they always have and we really wish you well.

Watch a message to knowmore clients from Director of Client Services Amanda Whelan video