News Brief – George Pell found guilty of child sexual assault

Note – Some people may find the content of this article upsetting.  Please consider this before following the link.  If you require immediate support, please contact 1800 RESPECT

Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric, Cardinal George Pell, has been convicted of sexually abusing two choirboys while he was archbishop of Melbourne.

Pell pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer has indicated he will launch an appeal against the conviction. Pell was convicted in December but details of the trial can only now be made public after a suppression order was lifted.

After the suppression order was lifted, the survivor released a statement via his lawyer:

“Thank you for your interest in this case.

Like many survivors I have experienced shame, loneliness, depression and struggle.

Like many survivors it has taken me years to understand the impact on my life.

At some point we realise that we trusted someone we should have feared and we fear those genuine relationships that we should trust. I would like to thank my family near and far for their support of me, and of each other.

I need space and time to cope with the ongoing criminal process.

I understand this is a big news story but please don’t reveal my identity.”


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