Survivors’ reflections on the Royal Commission

15 December 2022 will mark 5 years since the end of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission). In the lead up to this anniversary, knowmore is reflecting on the impact made by the Royal Commission and the victims and survivors who came forward.  

As part of these reflections, we would like to invite victims and survivors and their supporters to share with us their views on three important questions: 

  1. What impact do you believe the Royal Commission has had in the lives of Australians, especially for Australian children? 
  2. Since the Royal Commission, what change has meant the most to you? 
  3. What change are you still waiting to see? 

Email us at to share your views, or engage with us on social media. Please be sure to read our information about speaking out before you do this. 

We will publish a summary of the feedback we receive and use it to inform our future advocacy. We will make sure our summary doesn’t identify you or any other person.  

If you would like to email us, please make sure your email is about one or more of the questions above. If you have any other comments or questions — for example, if you would like to get help from knowmore, contact the National Redress Scheme, or report child sexual abuse — please use the contact details below. 

  • For free legal advice and support from knowmore — call 1800 605 762. 
  • To contact the NRS — call 1800 737 377 or visit the NRS website. 
  • To report child sexual abuse — visit the Bravehearts website for details of where to report child sexual abuse or historical child sexual abuse in your state or territory. 

If you need other support, please see our list of national help and counselling services