Survivors targeted by unethical lawyers

knowmore is seeing a dramatic increase in claim farming cases and warns all survivors to be careful.

Through our work we are seeing an increasing number of survivors being targeted by for-profit survivor advocacy businesses and lawyers. The process, known as ‘claim farming’, involves someone contacting a survivor of abuse without their knowledge or permission and encouraging them to make a claim for compensation. The survivor may be harassed, intimidated and charged a large amount of money for assistance with this compensation claim.

On 5 January 2024 The Australian published an article “Lawyers ‘abusing victims of abuse’” which discussed predatory law firms, often working closely with survivor advocacy businesses,  targeting survivors. The article interviewed a former private lawyer whose firm purchased client information and Nick Hudson, knowmore Deputy CEO. Nick Hudson advocated for the protection of survivors, “having lawyers and others prey on them is just more abuse.”

knowmore calls on all state and territory governments to follow Queensland’s lead and update legislation to protect survivors from exploitative claim farming practices. Further to this, knowmore urges the Commonwealth government to engage the Standing Council of Attorneys-General to progress similar protective legislation across all states and territories preventing law firms and survivor advocacy businesses profiting from the pain of survivors.

If you think you, or somebody you know, has been claim farmed please call knowmore on 1800 605 762. “We are here to help all survivors consider their compensation options and we do it for free,” Jackie Mead, knowmore CEO. knowmore also offers cultural support to First Nations survivors who are disproportionately affected by child abuse.

For more information or to arrange media interviews with a local representative, contact media officer Philippa Hambling on 0418 232 906.