Compensation for people in jail

You may have different compensation options if you are, or have previously been, in jail, and if you were sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years or more for a particular serious offence.

If you experienced childhood sexual abuse, you may be able to get compensation.

Compensation can recognize the wrongdoing done to you and help you to recover money. Your compensation options might be different if you are, or have previously been, in jail.

Your compensation options include:

If you wish to apply to the National Redress Scheme and you are, or have previously been, in jail, the application process may be different for you.

Until 4 April 2024, unless there were exceptional circumstances, the National Redress Scheme did not accept applications for redress from people in jail. From 4 April, they may apply while in jail or they may choose to wait until their release.

If you have been sentenced to a jail term of 5 or more years your application may be processed differently. Please see our fact sheet ‘Applying for redress for people in jail and people with serious criminal convictions’.

It is important that you get legal advice about the redress or compensation options that are relevant to you.