National Redress Scheme survivor service charter

September 2022 update

The National Redress Scheme has published the Service Charter, which was co-developed with survivors, advocates and Redress Support Services. The Service Charter explains what survivors can expect from the Scheme at each stage of their Redress journey. You can read the Service Charter and a two-page summary version of the Service Charter on the National Redress Scheme website.

This survey is now closed.

The Department of Social Services is developing a new survivor service charter for the National Redress Scheme and wants to hear from people who have accessed the Scheme or may access it in the future.

A short survey has been developed for survivors or their representatives. You can access the survey from one of the links below:

  • The Social Deck online survey form
  • Survey for survivors and their representatives

It will take about 15-20 minutes and all of your answers are anonymous. It will ask about experiences with the Scheme’s services but won’t ask you to share any other details.

A new survivor service charter will help to improve the Scheme by including service standards and setting expectations for how services are delivered through the Scheme.

About the survivor service charter 

The Australian Government has committed to developing a service charter which will drive improvements to the survivor experience of the National Redress Scheme. A charter sets a commitment that the National Redress Scheme and Scheme partners need to adhere to concerning:

  • what survivors can expect in the delivery of Redress services, and
  • how they provide services at each stage of the Redress journey.

A charter makes sure the role of survivors is at the centre of the way the Scheme operates.

It was a recommendation of the Second Year Review of the National Redress Scheme.

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