Have you settled your legal dispute out of court for sexual abuse you suffered in institutional or state care in your childhood?

Griffith University is conducting research to understand survivors’ experience of resolving their civil compensation legal disputes, to understand what survivors’ needs are when it comes to settling out of court.

The research is seeking to understand survivors’ experience in mediation or a settlement conference, and their thoughts and views about whether any changes may be necessary to assist other survivors to get the best outcomes.

The research aims to learn what survivors’ needs are in mediation and out of court settlement, what they are seeking from formal processes like mediation, and whether trauma and disadvantage impact on the process of settling the legal dispute.

Interviews will be for a maximum of 90 minutes, with your choice of telephone videoconference, (or face to face if you are in the Brisbane /Gold Coast region). The interviewer won’t ask questions about the abuse you experienced. No confidential information is being sought. Just your views about your experience and how things could have been better, or what worked well.

Please be aware that if you participate in the research, you will not be identified, unless you specifically request to be acknowledged.

We would love to hear your voice about your experience and any improvements that need to be made to make mediation and out of court settlements less traumatic for survivors.

The research is being conducted as part of a PhD study: GU: 2020/622. The research team can be contacted via email or 0438 127 050. If you are interested contact Louise McDonald (student researcher) on the above number/ email and she will explain the project further to you, answer any questions you may have and send you an information sheet.