Victorian Stolen Generations Reparations Package

Some Stolen Generations survivors may be eligible for the Victorian Stolen Generations Reparations Package

The Victorian Government provides the Stolen Generations Reparations Package in recognition of the lasting suffering caused by the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families.

If you are eligible, you may receive reparations and support, including:

  • a $100,000 payment
  • a personal apology from the Government
  • access to healing and reconnection to Country programs
  • an opportunity to share your story.

If you wish to apply, you must do this by 31 March 2027. During the application process you may be eligible for trauma-informed counselling services and support to complete the application.

The Victorian Government also provides the Stolen Generations Funeral Fund to support families of Stolen Generations who have passed away. If you are eligible for the Fund, you may be given up to $10,000 for:

  • a funeral
  • a headstone or plaque
  • repatriation of your Stolen Generations family member.

Read more about the Stolen Generations Reparations Package and the Funeral Fund.

Connecting Home provides support for members of the Stolen Generations and their families. You can call Connecting Home on (03) 8679 0777 or email

Financial Counselling

Reparations payments may be treated differently to other money. If you are applying for this payment, it is important to understand how a lump sum might affect your situation. For example, it could impact you if you receive a Centrelink payment, live in residential Aged Care or have debts.

knowmore’s specialist financial counsellors can help people who are thinking about applying or who have applied for a Victorian Stolen Generations Reparations Package. Visit our Financial Counselling page to find out more about this service.

Other redress options

You may have other redress options if you are a Stolen Generations survivor from another state or territory.

You may have other options for redress and compensation if you are a survivor of child sexual abuse.

knowmore is separate from government and does not decide who is eligible for redress.