Institution update – from the National Redress Scheme

Please note – this update is from the National Redress Scheme. For more information or to find support services, go to the National Redress Scheme website or call 1800 737 377 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (local time), excluding public holidays.

Institution update

More institutions have undertaken the steps to join the National Redress Scheme the (Scheme), they are listed below.

  • Christian Brothers
  • Marist Brothers Australia
  • Baptist Churches Western Australia
  • Baptist Churches Tasmania

Three more Anglican organisations have joined represented by Anglican Representative Limited, they are:

  • Anglican Diocese of Adelaide
  • Moore Theological College Council
  •  St Andrew’s House Corporation

For more information about which sites are covered by these institutions go to the Scheme’s website. There is also an interactive map of institutions that have joined the Scheme at:

Institutions who have not yet joined the National Redress Scheme

The Scheme recently released a list of institutions which have not yet joined the Scheme. These institutions were identified as part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, including information contained in the final report of the Commission. Please note the list may not specify all names used by an institution. For example, each school or home operated by an institution may not be separately identified.

It is important to note that while this list covers institutions named by the Royal Commission, there are likely to be other institutions, which are not named, where abuse occurred. The Government also expects these institutions to be accountable for this abuse, and join the Scheme.

To find out which institutions have not yet joined the Scheme, go to

Applications relating to institutions not yet joined the Scheme

You can make an application for redress at any time, but applications identifying institutions that have not yet joined the Scheme will not be assessed until the relevant institution/s has joined. An institution that has joined is referred to as a participating institution. The Department of Social Services has a dedicated team who contacts institutions that may have responsibility for abuse, strongly encourages them to join, and provides information about how to do so.

Once you have made an application, the National Redress Scheme will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the application and provide initial guidance on the assessment process. This guidance will include information about whether the institution, or institutions, identified in the application have joined the Scheme.

If you cannot find the name of the institution you are looking for, it may mean the institution is still working through steps to join, or it may not yet have agreed to join the Scheme.

Update to Redress Support Services

The government announced an additional five additional grants being offered to establish Redress Support Services. The five additional services are expected to be providing support from April 2019.

The Redress Support Service providers receiving an additional grant are:

  • ACT Disability and Carer Advocacy Service
  • Cape York Remote Area Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care Advisory Association
  • Pilbara Community Legal Service
  • Survivors and Mates Support Network (SAMSN)
  • Blue Knot Foundation.

Where do I get support?

Redress Support Services are available to help people understand the Scheme, provide emotional support and guide people through the application process. A list of support services is available on the website.

Those who need immediate emotional support can contact:

Find out more

To find out more, you can call the National Redress Scheme on 1800 737 377 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (local time), excluding public holidays. You can also visit the website at